Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The name's Steele....Remington Steele

Before Pierce Brosnan was James Bond he was Remington Steele. Enough Said. You must watch this show.

How can you resist a man that dresses to the T, has an accent, stops the bad guys, KNOWS old movies like the back of his hand, and is one of the most charming, good-looking men of all history? Wo. I don't think you can. No one can do it like Remington.

Not to mention Laura Holt. The woman who can run in heels like there's no tomorrow. The woman who can remember everything to the last detail. And also has captured the heart of her mysterious boss. Lucky woman.

Let's just say Erika and Audrey have been hit. By the "Steele" blue eyes of a mysterious man.

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