Thursday, June 9, 2011

I think..I think....There's Something in the Wind....

Okay friends, new movie.

Deanna Durbin. Need I say more?

The beautiful singing sensation hits us AGAIN with a classic, comedy, romance. And it's a winner.

In Something in the Wind, Deanna plays the part of a talented young radio host, Mary Collins, and suddenly gets tied into a crazy ordeal with a rich family (due to her aging aunt who has taken care of her). She uses her charm, talent, and never-ending wit to get the man, the job, and EVERYTHING ELSE.

Plus, her outfits are UNREAL in this movie. Check it OUT.

This is the beloved MAN TRAP.

There is also GREAT music in this movie. Songs like, Something in the Wind, Gotta Keep Your Baby Lookin Right, I Love a Mystery, The Turntable Song, Happy Go Lucky and Free.
They are absolutely astounding. Her voice is so versatile.

Our (Erika and I) favorite quotes:

"Just give me a minute, I gotta get out of this man trap."

"That's only a sample of the work done on this machine."

"Wait, what about Clarissa? She's a great girl ya know." "If you help me, I'll give her to you for a wedding present, okay Charlie?" (They are both drunk)

"Donald, are you trying to make love to me?" "No!...Well..."

"And well Mary, you're very attractive." "I wouldn't know. Personally, I've never appealed to myself in that way."

"Hello...Donsy Wonsy."

As you can see, this is a great movie already. I suggest you watch the FULL movie on youtube. :)

Here is the trailer, to entice you more.

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  1. Words cannot describe how much I love this movie! Another plus about this movie that you didn't mention is that the great, funny Donald O'Connor costars with Deanna. It can't get much better than that. But I absolutely love this movie!