Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh....The Thrill of Romance!

There's nothing like finding a handsome man who sweeps you off your feet.

UNLESS, there's TWO of them. ;)

In this charming film, The Thrill of Romance, swimming beauty Esther Williams plays Cynthia Glen, and finds herself swept up by a rich, handsome businessman. Within 10 minutes of the movie, she's married!! But once he is called away from their HONEYMOON on oh so urgent business, Cynthia is left alone..........on her honeymoon! Who does that!! So, she is forced to find some sort of companionship. She meets a funny opera singer (who is actually a real life opera celebrity) and a charming young man, Major Thomas Milvane (Van Johnson). Tommy is immediately taken with her, but realizes he can't just sweep her off her feet immediately. So the rest of the film shows how their friendship develops and soon turns to love, and how Cynthia has to realized that love and choose IT over her wealthy husband. 

This is easily one of our favorite movies. Van Johnson can just take your heart and melt it in his hands and boyish smile. The comedy and romance fit hand in hand in this movie. AND YOU WILL WANT MORE AND MORE!! 

I have always loved Esther Williams. In my opinion, I think she is one of the most beautiful stars from that time.

 And here is your REAL synopsis:
Cynthia is swept off her feet and marries a rich and very successful business executive, but business affairs make him abandon her during their honeymoon. Cynthia is sad and while he's away, meets the charming war hero, Maj. Milvaine, who is on leave. Sparks fly. Will she choose wealth over love?


Friday, June 10, 2011

It could have happened to anyone but.....IT HAPPENED TO JANE

Okay. I absolutely love this movie. It Happened to Jane stars Doris Day and Jack Lemmon. I am telling you people, it doesn't get much better than that. Thanks to my Grandma Bunker I was introduced to this spectacular movie.
It has everything a chick flick needs.....

It's funny.
It's adorable.

I guarantee you will fall in love with it. I did.

I'll admit, after borrowing this movie from my grandma I watched it three times in one week. Audrey, Becca, and watched it while camping out to see Jimmer and Jackson rock the Marriott. It made camping bearable. There are many fond memories connected to this movie.

Okay so for all those who are wondering what makes this movie so wonderful, here's a short synopsis of the movie.....

Widowed Jane Osgood (Doris Day) is trying to support her family of two young children by starting a lobster mail order business. Things for her business start off badly when a shipment perishes due to the operation of
the Eastern & Portland Railroad, newly acquired by penny-pinching Harry Foster Malone (Ernie Kovacs). When the E&P fails to compensate Jane adequately for their error, Jane gets into a David versus Goliath battle with the powerful Malone, who she deems the meanest man in the world. Both Jane and Malone will do whatever they can to beat the other. Meanwhile after Jane's story reaches national attention, New York based reporter Larry Hall, is placed in Cape Anne to cover the story, and falls for Jane. This move does not sit well with George Denham (Jack Lemmon), who is Jane's childhood friend, lawyer and wannabe suitor

If you need a good laugh, or a great chick flick this movie will not disappoint. It is terrific. And I would definitely say that it is a must see movie.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I think..I think....There's Something in the Wind....

Okay friends, new movie.

Deanna Durbin. Need I say more?

The beautiful singing sensation hits us AGAIN with a classic, comedy, romance. And it's a winner.

In Something in the Wind, Deanna plays the part of a talented young radio host, Mary Collins, and suddenly gets tied into a crazy ordeal with a rich family (due to her aging aunt who has taken care of her). She uses her charm, talent, and never-ending wit to get the man, the job, and EVERYTHING ELSE.

Plus, her outfits are UNREAL in this movie. Check it OUT.

This is the beloved MAN TRAP.

There is also GREAT music in this movie. Songs like, Something in the Wind, Gotta Keep Your Baby Lookin Right, I Love a Mystery, The Turntable Song, Happy Go Lucky and Free.
They are absolutely astounding. Her voice is so versatile.

Our (Erika and I) favorite quotes:

"Just give me a minute, I gotta get out of this man trap."

"That's only a sample of the work done on this machine."

"Wait, what about Clarissa? She's a great girl ya know." "If you help me, I'll give her to you for a wedding present, okay Charlie?" (They are both drunk)

"Donald, are you trying to make love to me?" "No!...Well..."

"And well Mary, you're very attractive." "I wouldn't know. Personally, I've never appealed to myself in that way."

"Hello...Donsy Wonsy."

As you can see, this is a great movie already. I suggest you watch the FULL movie on youtube. :)

Here is the trailer, to entice you more.