Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello? Anyone?

It's time to blow the dust off of this blog and come back to the world. Agreed? Good. :)

With myself (Audrey) and Erika and Caroline to contribute, I think we can get some good stuff back on here, since classics are still our lives.

But to start off, my good friend Bailey tagged this blog in the Leibster Blog Award Chain. So I'm going to continue it here!

  The rules: 
  1. The tag-ee must tell eleven things about themself
  2. The tag-ee must then answer the eleven questions given to them from by tagger
  3. The tag-ee tags eleven more blogs (we'll see how this turns out for me...)
  4. And then the tag-ee assigns their eleven blogs eleven new questions

11 Things About Audrey from The New Andrew Sisters

1. I've been a classics fan since I was a young girl, thanks to my mother and grandmother.
2. In addition to loving classics, I'm a huge film fan in general. Action movies are a thrill for me. Especially when they have attractive men. :)
3. I'm a complete Harry Potter NERD. I'm part of the HP generation and will forever be proud of it. I treasure my Pottermore account probably just as much as my Film-Classics one. :)
4. Music is my life. From listening, to playing to singing, I can't really function with out it.
5. I'm addicted to Pinterest.
6. I'm also addicted to Blistex chapstick.
7. TV Shows are a weakness; Psych, Monk, Modern Family, Once Upon a Time, Drop Dead Diva..etc....
8. I love love love Jazz music. Classic Jazz music. Armstrong, Fitzgerald, Holiday, etc.
9. I spend a majority of my time on IMDB learning every celebrities bios, upcoming projects, and trivia. And yes, yes I do believe most of it.
10. I'm a complete history buff. Majoring in it actually. So I love telling people random facts I know, even if they don't really care about it.
11. My idols are Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Myrna Loy. Beautiful women who appreciated beautiful things and didn't let fame get to them.
    11 Questions (from Bailey)

    1. What was your first classic? Oooo...That's a hard one. It was so long ago. But as a kid I remember watching a lot of Doris Day movies and Gene Autry cowboy films. So that's probably it. :)
    2. Favorite classic TV show? Also tough, but I think in the end I would have to say I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Dean Martin Show.
    3. If you could spend a day with any one classic star, who would it be? Oh my gosh. Hardest question yet. If I HAD to choose I would probably say 1) Deanna Durbin or 2)Audrey Hepburn. Then Cary Grant :) But I could seriously keep going....
    4. Least favorite classic actor? Not a huge Spencer Tracy fan, but I don't hate him. Just don't fawn at his feet.
    5. Least favorite classic actress? I'm not a huge Viven Leigh fan. But I loved Gone With the Wind.
    6. Musical remakes from the '50s: yes or no? Yes. In most cases. Mostly because I saw a lot of those before I saw the originals. Like In the Good Ole Summertime, I loved that movie.
    7. Hayes Code: yes or no?  Why? Yes. Why should the film industry have the power to promote low morals or standards for little kids who don't understand yet.
    8. Silent or Talkies? I love both, but if I had to choose, it would be Talkies.
    9. What do you think of movies like The Artist? I LOVED IT. I think it's about time that the world remembered what made entertainment popular.
    10. What role did your favorite actor deserve an Oscar for? Jimmy Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life or Rear Window.
    11. What role did your favorite actress deserve an Oscar for? Myrna Loy in Evenlyn Prentice. Seriously, she was incredible. So was Bill Powell.

    Tag.  You're it.
    Question time!

    1. Favorite Classics film couple? 
    2. Color or Black/White films?
    3. Favorite comedian?
    4. Least favorite singer of the 1930s and 1940s?
    5. In your opinion, what's the funniest I Love Lucy episode?
    6. Most prominent film of the classic/muscial film era? 
    7. Best Hitchcock film?
    8. What actress of today would fit best back in the classics era? why?
    9. Favorite musical?
    10. Most annoying character in a movie?
    11. Is Humphrey Bogart deserving of the greatest Actor of all time?

    Good luck everyone!

    Expect lots more posting to come!!

    Love, the Girls!