Saturday, May 28, 2011

If A Man Answers.....Hang Up!!!

Audrey here: (Erika needs to get on!)

Once again. The light has shone brightly down on me.

In need of a carefree, funny, witty, romantic, kinda cheesy movie? Yep. This is the one. If A Man Answers. And it's easily on my top favorites. I loved it so much on Youtube (the place I discover lots of old movies), that I bought it on ebay so I could watch it over and over again without waiting for it to LOAD!! Go figure.

This movie stars Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee, two of my favorite people. Technically, this isn't a 1940's movie....more like..1962.....haha. But..same difference right?


Chantel worries about her new marriage to photographer Eugene failing so she decides to take her mother's advice and manipulate him. First, her mother gives her a book that will solve all her problems about how to treat a husband - namely a book on how to train dogs. Then, her mother gives her a second trick, an imaginary boyfriend who used to come in handy during her own marriage to Chantel's father. However, if Chantel's mother made this man up, what is she going to do when Eugene brings him home for dinner one night? 

Life I said, I own it. So if anyone is interested, give me a ring.


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  1. This is a family favorite of mine! It started with my mom and her sisters watching it together, then I began watching it. I could watch it over and over. I love that the movie doesn't just stop at her marriage or them falling in love (compare that to modern movies!). It gives you some perspective post-honeymoon phase with a funny twist!