Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh....The Thrill of Romance!

There's nothing like finding a handsome man who sweeps you off your feet.

UNLESS, there's TWO of them. ;)

In this charming film, The Thrill of Romance, swimming beauty Esther Williams plays Cynthia Glen, and finds herself swept up by a rich, handsome businessman. Within 10 minutes of the movie, she's married!! But once he is called away from their HONEYMOON on oh so urgent business, Cynthia is left alone..........on her honeymoon! Who does that!! So, she is forced to find some sort of companionship. She meets a funny opera singer (who is actually a real life opera celebrity) and a charming young man, Major Thomas Milvane (Van Johnson). Tommy is immediately taken with her, but realizes he can't just sweep her off her feet immediately. So the rest of the film shows how their friendship develops and soon turns to love, and how Cynthia has to realized that love and choose IT over her wealthy husband. 

This is easily one of our favorite movies. Van Johnson can just take your heart and melt it in his hands and boyish smile. The comedy and romance fit hand in hand in this movie. AND YOU WILL WANT MORE AND MORE!! 

I have always loved Esther Williams. In my opinion, I think she is one of the most beautiful stars from that time.

 And here is your REAL synopsis:
Cynthia is swept off her feet and marries a rich and very successful business executive, but business affairs make him abandon her during their honeymoon. Cynthia is sad and while he's away, meets the charming war hero, Maj. Milvaine, who is on leave. Sparks fly. Will she choose wealth over love?


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